DCS and Marshalling Cabinets

Maximum production efficiency for process industry

DCS and Marshalling Cabinets

Comprehensive performance with high expertise

Automation and digitalisation in process industries require an ever-increasing number of sensors in the field. Our control cabinets with DCS edge distribution offer high performance with a compact, clearly arranged design. They are equipped with high-quality components and can also cope with future requirements. With many years of experience and expertise in the process industry, we advise you on design, layout, and electrical configuration, carry out the thermal calculation, perform the complete certification, and ensure professional delivery, assembly, and testing at your site.

DCS Marshalling Cabinets

Decentralisation of control stations is a key success factor in the flexible planning of process industry applications. For decentralised control stations we offer individually assembled marshalling cabinets with a broad range of DCS components.

Your benefits:

  • Assembly service - We assemble your cabinet according to your individual needs.
  • Engineering service - We deliver the fitting technical solution.
  • Certification service - We ensure the approval of the finished solution for your industry needs.

Klippon® Connect terminal blocks

Our solution for time-savings in planning, project planning, faultless wiring, and faster marking operations.

Increasingly complex production processes and technological leaps consistent with Industry 4.0 call for new solutions for more efficient panel building. With Klippon® Connect you will successfully master all demands of today and tomorrow: Tailored application products, universal terminal blocks and process-supporting services offer the right solution for every concept. You already know what you are looking for? Then use our short-cuts. Or get more detailled information below.

Klippon® Connect terminal blocks
Your benefits at a glance
  • Support for power and signal marshalling requirements
  • Wide range of product approvals
  • Excellent protection

Enclosure systems and components

Klippon® Protect enclosure systems will provide you with solutions for every industry and application.

Enclosures fulfil an important safety function and prove themselves every day - even under the toughest conditions. Each industry has its own specific requirements for enclosure technology. At the same time, the enclosures must meet the strict requirements of international approvals. Our Klippon® Protect enclosure system covers all approvals required for use in industrial and hazardous areas. In addition, it can be optimally adapted to your requirements. We complete our offer with individual services in order to provide you with optimal process support.

Enclosure systems and components
We provide certified enclosures for assured protection
  • Application specific approvals
  • Individual services
  • Excellent protection

A glance into the enclosure production

A glance into the enclosure production

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Weidmüller provides the global market with high-quality enclosures manufactured at our main enclosure production site. These enclosures are built to satisfy the toughest customer demands. During production only the highest quality materials are used, along with state-of-the-art processing technology, in order to maintain this high standard of quality.

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