Solutions for Glass Production

Accuracy and reliability for your process

Solutions for Glass Production

Focus your current challenges

Today, quality, efficiency, and sustainability are crucial competitive factors in glass production and processing. Automation and digitalisation open up a multitude of opportunities for the future-proof design of your production processes. We support you with suitable products and solutions.

Klippon Engineering has many years of experience in the field of process control and offers a wide range of solutions to ensure the reliability of your production. We strive to be the market leader in connectivity, communication and digitalisation solutions for the process industry. Benefit from our high-quality product and solution offering and be supported by our professional support and high-quality engineering services.

Our benefits for the glass industry



Unrivaled knowledge in the supply of customised hazardous area solutions.



Securing power, signal, and data transmission for maximum plant availability and efficiency in the system.



From process data through to intelligent data-based services for all plant areas.



Comprehensive certification solutions such as G3 coating, and SIL3 ratings.



Universal conversion platforms for legacy DCS migration solutions for signal packing, marshalling and distribution.



From robust and secure site monitoring over remote and local diagnostics to secure networks to the cloud.

Your challenges - our answer:

Feedstock and batch-mix

Accurate measurements are essential, especially in feed and mixing processes. That's why we have an extensive range of signal and I/O products to meet your requirements and guarantee maximum reliability - for consistent product quality.

Melting processes

Energy-intensive processes require maximum efficiency. We offer you a comprehensive range of temperature, energy, and process signal products. Our complete systems and solutions optimise your process control and help you meet the highest quality and environmental standards.

Forming and finishing

From blowing, casting, drawing, pressing, rolling, and spinning to coating and annealing, the accuracy and availability of process signals, combined with optimal energy distribution and networking, are critical to the quality of the end product and the reliability of the equipment. With our many years of experience in the industry and our comprehensive product range, we make your production processes perfect.

Energy recovery

Whether regenerators, heat wheels, passive air preheaters, regenerative/recuperative burners, plate heat exchangers, or economisers: with every method of waste heat recovery, we focus on the safety, reliability, and operating efficiency of your plant. We provide you with products, solutions, systems, and services that make your plants more economical and environmentally friendly.

Product highlights for the glass industry

PROtop - the high-end power supply

Superior, future-proof, and sustainable: The high-end power supply for the highest demands of Industry 4.0

A permanent supply in any environment: 24/7 installations require a particularly reliable power supply that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Condition monitoring for targeted, preventive maintenance is therefore becoming increasingly important. PROtop combines highest efficiency and compact housings with high durability and direct parallel connection, without diode modules.

This reduces costs and creates space in the control cabinet. Due to the powerful DCL technology, even difficult loads - motors, for instance - are operated smoothly, while circuit breakers are triggered reliably. This excellent communication capability allows permanent condition monitoring and full integration with control systems.

PROtop - the high-end power supply
Your special advantages
  • Safe triggering of circuit breakers due to DCL
  • High energy reserves for powerful engine starts due to DCL
  • Highest efficiency and very long lifetime
  • Extremely space-saving design
  • Integrated O-Ring MOSFETs for redundancy or parallel operation
  • Future-proof due to optional communication modules

PLC migration solutions

Streamline your PLC migration: migrate existing PLC systems quickly and reliably without rewiring the field level.

When industrial plants age, are no longer state of the art, or when support or spare parts availability is limited, a system update is required at the control level of a process plant. When replacing PLC systems, it is crucial to avoid wiring errors and keep downtime during the migration process as low as possible.

PLC migration interfaces from Weidmüller enable the control level to be exchanged safely. Adjustments or changes to the infrastructure can also be made quickly and easily without having to intervene in the field wiring.

PLC migration solutions
Benefits from a clever migration platform:
  • Uniquely designed solution
  • Compatibility means flexibility
  • Minimal components maximise migration efficiency

More products for the glass industry

Simplify your planning process

Explore engineering software Weidmüller Configurator (WMC) - free download

The control cabinet is the control centre for constantly evolving machines and production cells. Through early integration in the planning process, Weidmüller engineering solutions simplify your product development.

Reasons for our Weidmüller Configurator (WMC)

Reasons for our Weidmüller Configurator (WMC)

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Proven configuration designs in real 3D
The integrated plausibility and collision check with the complete digital documentation ensures that you can rely 100% on your configuration

Seamless E-CAD Integration
Integrated interfaces enable the simple exchange ofproduct data between the WMC and all common engineering tools, such as Zuken E³ or EPLAN Electric P8.

Interfaces for automated production
For further assembly, labelling with M-Print® PRO and cabling, the WMC provides all the digital information required for complete process automation. This enables us to provide Fast Delivery Service

Data based on industry standard ECLASS
Use digital product information based on the ECLASS advanced standard: high quality and future-proof.



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