Communication’s - Wired and Wireless

Flexible solutions for a wide range of system topologies

Communication’s - Wired and Wireless

Optimum data exchange made easy

The communication capability of machines and plant components is a decisive factor in enabling the potential of the IoT to be applied for value creation. Our communication solutions are approved for EX areas and ensure smooth data exchange from the sensor to the cloud. We offer a wide range of wired and wireless switches, routers, firewalls, media converters, cellular devices, and more. Choose from our secure and reliable point-to-point, cellular or Ethernet solutions for your application. Our specialists will support you with application design and integration.

Industrial Ethernet

The complete solution for industrial data transmission with network devices for safe communication from the field to the control level.

Weidmüller Industrial Ethernet components are the perfect link for data communication between Ethernet enabled devices in industrial automation. By supporting various topologies and protocols, they can be used in many industrial applications.

As a complete provider of industrial network infrastructure for machine and equipment manufacture, we offer a wide range of switch products to suit the individual needs of our customers. In particular, Gigabit switches (unmanaged and managed) and media converters, Power-over-Ethernet switches, WLAN devices and serial/Ethernet converters to meet the highest requirements and provide a reliable and flexible Ethernet communication. An extensive passive product portfolio consisting of RJ 45 and fibre optic connectors and cables make Weidmüller your partner for industrial Ethernet solutions.

Industrial Ethernet
Your benefits at a glance
  • Reliability
  • Easy integration
  • Resistant
  • Certifications
  • Longevity

Single Pair Ethernet

The network infrastructure for the Industrial IOT

The increasing level of digitalisation of industrial plants calls for the further development of existing Ethernet cabling. For sensors and local, modular control units in particular, conventional cabling concepts are no longer able to meet the new demands with regard to space requirements and installation effort.

Weidmüller and partners from the field of electrical connectivity all rely on the innovative Single Pair Ethernet technology when developing new industry standards.

Single Pair Ethernet
Benefits of our next generation ethernet solutions
  • Smallest compact design for implementing IIoT devices
  • High robustness for use in industrial environments
  • Easy to connect for safe, fast installation
  • Future-proof design through international standards

Turning four into one: The advantages of SPE explained in simple terms

Turning four into one: The advantages of SPE explained in simple terms

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Instead of two or four pairs of wires, Single Pair Ethernet cabling requires just one pair of wires for the transmission of data and power. The simple design and the associated reduction in weight, space requirements and installation costs offer many advantages in an industrial environment. Single Pair Ethernet enables the end-to-end, economical connection of a large number of terminal devices in the Industrial IOT, from sensors in the field to the cloud.

Introduction and why using SPE?

 Introduction and why using SPE?

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Single Pair Ethernet - The great new technology for the industrial IoT. Our SPE expert Simon Seereiner explains why SPE is the topic for the industry of the future. Let him introduce you to the communication architecture of tomorrow.

We are on the path to a uniform market standard - As member of SPE System Alliance

The SPE System Alliance is an association of leading technology companies from different industries and fields of application who bundle and exchange their expertise regarding Single Pair Ethernet. All partners pursue the common goal of promoting the SPE technology for the IIoT and every other field of application. Details and opportunities to contact the SPE System Alliance can be found on the website.

Download Whitepaper "SPE - The network infrastructure for Industry 4.0"

The potential of Single Pair Ethernet is huge and experts consider it to be the next generation of communication architecture in automation. Originally developed for automotive applications, it promises nothing less than a continuous connection from the sensor to the cloud. The whitepaper highlights all aspects of the new Single Pair Ethernet technology and focuses on application, standardisation and connectors.

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