Efficient Water and Wastewater Treatment

Application-specific solutions for the water and wastewater industry

Efficient Water and Wastewater Treatment

Reliable solutions for a more sustainable world

Water is a common good and an irreplaceable basis for life. Unfortunately, freshwater is becoming increasingly scarce due to rising consumption. Furthermore, population growth, urbanisation, and industrialisation are leading to a deterioration in water quality. For this reason, more and more complex and efficient water supply and treatment plants are needed, which include powerful and innovative technical solutions.

With extensive experience in the water sector, we support you in the planning of water treatment plants. We provide our knowledge, quality, and flexible solutions to develop highly efficient plants that meet growing demands. As experts in connectivity, signal conditioning, fieldbus solutions, remote access, data analytics, predictive maintenance, and many more, our solutions help you achieve a better world.

Our benefits for water and wastewater treatment



Unrivalled knowledge in delivering customised solutions. We know the needs for every type of system and the current industry trends. This makes Weidmüller your perfect partner.



Ensuring power, signal, and data transmission for maximum plant availability and system efficiency.



From the sensors to the controls: secure remote access, intelligent data analysis and predictive maintenance to optimise production, and minimise unforeseen system failures.



Comprehensive certification solutions from G3 coating to SIL3 compliance for ESDs to Atex, UL&CSA, IECEx, and GOST – If required.



Tailored solutions for use in harsh environments, such as high salinity or severe UV exposure.



From robust and secure site monitoring to remote and on-site diagnostics to secure networks in the cloud.

Your challenges - our answer:

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Constant increases in demand require adaptable plants. We have developed flexible solutions for sewage treatment plants that can be adapted quickly and economically. These include PLC or migration interfaces and our I/O systems in IP20 or IP67. In addition, there are energy consumption controls for measuring efficiency and remote access systems for facilitating maintenance. With a comprehensive view of customers, operators, owners and end users, we always find an optimal solution.

Desalination Plants

More and more often, drinking water has to be extracted from the sea or from saline lakes. The aim here is to optimise production and reduce costs. We offer products and solutions that increase the durability and efficiency of your plants, reduce energy consumption and help you to reduce damage to valves, pumps, and membranes. And thanks to modern data analysis, we can detect many damages before they occur.

Water Dam

Dams usually require large infrastructures in remote locations, often difficult to access and connected to other water facilities. All this makes it necessary to connect them to complex and often remote-control systems. Weidmüller is able to integrate these systems easily, safely, and reliably into an overall system and provide you with a suitable complete solution.

Product highlights for efficient water and wastewater treatment

Enclosure systems and components

Klippon® Protect enclosure systems will provide you with solutions for every industry and application.

Enclosures fulfil an important safety function and prove themselves every day - even under the toughest conditions. Each industry has its own specific requirements for enclosure technology. At the same time, the enclosures must meet the strict requirements of international approvals. Our Klippon® Protect enclosure system covers all approvals required for use in industrial and hazardous areas. In addition, it can be optimally adapted to your requirements. We complete our offer with individual services in order to provide you with optimal process support.

Enclosure systems and components
We provide certified enclosures for assured protection
  • Application specific approvals
  • Individual services
  • Excellent protection

Fieldbus distributors

Connecting smart field devices to your fieldbus segments.

With our FBCon fieldbus distributors, field devices are connected to fieldbus segments for PROFIBUS PA, Foundation Fieldbus H1, PROFIBUS DP and Modbus RS485 in protection class IP66. Our FBCon fieldbus distributors have EMC cable glands with high screening attenuation and are available in aluminum or stainless-steel variants as well as IECEx/ ATEX variants for hazardous areas. FBCon with integrated current limitation protect bus communication in the event of short circuits on the field device.

Fieldbus distributors
Your benefits at a glance
  • Protecting safely
  • Flexible
  • Versatile connectivity

More products for water and wastewater treatment

Simplify your planning process

Explore our engineering software Weidmüller Configurator (WMC) - free download

The control cabinet is the control centre for constantly evolving machines and production cells. Through early integration in the planning process, Weidmüller engineering solutions simplify your product development.

Reasons for our Weidmüller Configurator (WMC)

Reasons for our Weidmüller Configurator (WMC)

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Proven configuration designs in real 3D
The integrated plausibility and collision check with the complete digital documentation ensures that you can rely 100% on your configuration

Seamless E-CAD Integration
Integrated interfaces enable the simple exchange ofproduct data between the WMC and all common engineering tools, such as Zuken E³ or EPLAN Electric P8.

Interfaces for automated production
For further assembly, labelling with M-Print® PRO and cabling, the WMC provides all the digital information required for complete process automation. This enables us to provide Fast Delivery Service

Data based on industry standard ECLASS
Use digital product information based on the ECLASS advanced standard: high quality and future-proof.



From the idea to the finished solution

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